Episode 8 — “#8in10: Arkansas’s Midazolam Holy Week”

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As Arkansas attempts a historic execution pace of 8 inmates in 10 days, Meredith joins Nick, Andrew, and Reed to discuss her Panda Collection article about the 1987 documentary, Fourteen Days in May.




Show Notes:

(First Segment) Meredith talks her article for the April issue, which inducts Fourteen Days in May into the Panda Collection. Her conversation with Nick, Andrew, and Reed is timely as their state’s governor, Asa Hutchinson, attempts to execute 8 inmates in 10 days. The gang even relocates to across the street from the governor’s mansion. They also preview the other articles in the April issue.

Branagh Break, Much Ado About Nothing

(Second SegmentIn honor of Holy Week, the gang considers an Easter classic, Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ. They discuss which director they would replace Gibson with and what the results would be.

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Reed Brewer
Reed works for a local news station in Little Rock. He's currently working hard to finally watch all of the Criterion Collection films he's accumulated over the years.