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For Your Eyes:

The Village Voice has long been a liberal stalwart in the New York mag world, but its billionaire owner threatens to undermine exactly what made the zine a home for stellar journalism and cultural opinion. — Reed

The Village Voice’s Liberal Savior Owner Is Trying to Crush its Unionby Hamilton Nolan, Fusion


For Your Eyes/Ears:

The “Rocky Montages” are famous of course, but what function do the montages serve? How do they differ from film to film? Kyle Kallgren at Brows Held High gets to the bottom of it. — Nick



For Your Eyes:

Siddhant Adlakha takes what I once considered a fairly throwaway movie and recontextualizes it through the eyes of someone who’s lived a life between two different countries. — Nick

Tokyo Drift: Finding Yourself As A Foreigner by Siddhant Adlakha


For Your Eyes/Ears:

I’ve been diving back into a lot of Britpop recently, a task which has given me another occasion to remind myself of one of the genre’s best artist, Jarvis Cocker, the lead singer of Pulp. Check out some of the songs and artists that shaped Jarvis’ career in this retrospective at Pitchfork. — Andrew

Jarvis Cocker on the Music of His Life by Stacey Anderson



6/16 – 6/19

For Your Eyes/Ears:

Stephen tries to get Donald Rumsfeld to answer a question he doesn’t want to answer. You won’t see an interview like this on Jimmy Fallon. — Nick


For Your Eyes:

Everyone knows Groundhog Day; even if you haven’t seen it, you’ve probably used the term when talking about being stuck on repeat. But despite the film’s immense success and influence, its creator, Danny Rubin, was never able to get another movie made. Read about Danny’s struggles, and his upcoming musical adaptation of the film. — Andrew

When Every Day Is ‘Groundhog Day’ by S. I. Rosenbaum


For Your Ears:

Hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, The Dollop analyzes a new story of absurd American history every week. Look out for their new book, The United States of Absurdity, in stores this May. — Andrew


6/13 – 6/14

For Your Eyes:

Let’s all table our excitement for Saturday Night Live, for just a second. And let’s think on what role it does and should play in our political and cultural environment. Or better yet, let’s read Alison Herman at The Ringer talk about it. — Reed

‘Saturday Night Live’ Has a Melissa McCarthy Problem: The Spicer Show is funny. It’s also a sign of what ails ‘SNL’ by Alison Herman, The Ringer


For Your Ears:

Hosted by critics Josh Spiegel and Scott Renshaw, Mousterpiece Cinema celebrates and analyzes the films of the Walt Disney Company and its various subsidiaries one film at a time. As they celebrate their 300th episode, now’s the time to catch up! — Lance


6/8 – 6/12

For Your Eyes/Ears:

I want to take you back to a time when there was no terrible Man of Steel. No terrible Batman v Superman: Dawn of Disappointment. When we were given the promise of a modern Superman movie that could be amazing. Pensive, well cast, and gorgeous to look at, this two and a half minutes is everything you’d want in a Superman movie. — Nick 




For Your Eyes:

As a former farm kid and current employee of Southern philanthropy, I find hope and feel rural pride while learning about the Berry Center. These essays on Mary Berry aren’t relevant to film, but they offer insights to the triumphs, adaptations, and struggles in family farming–an undermined, dying, and critical part of American life. So, please read, learn, and appreciate agricultural complexities and beauty. — Meredith

Leaving the Fields for Family Farms by Jodi Cash,  The Bitter Southerner


For Your Ears:

I’m not one for shameless pandering to myself, but I wanted to share U2’s possibly oddest album. Somewhere between the masterpiece of Achtung Baby and the maligned Pop, Zooropa plays around with U2’s sound, and expands their limits. Special shout out to “The Wanderer,” which U2 wrote for Johnny Cash to perform, and Bono refused to be on the track at all, with the background vocals being provided by The Edge. — Nick


For Your Eyes:

I’ve had Jezebel bookmarked for years, but I spent little time considering how monumental it was in the media landscape. In honor of the site’s tenth anniversary, read more about its founding from The Guardian. — Reed

Ten years of Jezebel: the website that changed women’s media forever by Jordan Michael Smith, The Guardian


For Your Ears:

Benjamin Booker is back, and our ears are better for it. His unique mix of garage rock and boogie soul recall John Fogerty minus the California roots. Take a listen to his new album, Witness. — Matt


BONUS: Check out this essay by Booker about the production.

Witness by Benjamin Booker



For Your Eyes:

In the beginning, before Louie, before Seinfeld, there was Norman Lear. The creator of comic touchstones like The Jeffersons and All in the Family, Lear continues to make a living out of cracking jokes, even at the ripe old age of 94. Read more about Norman in this profile from Michael Paterniti at GQ. — Andrew

Norman Lear: The Comedy Godfather of Television by Michael Paternity, GQ


For Your Ears:

This is my go to writing music. Eno takes ambient tones to church, creating the perfect background music for anything. Pleasant, but not overpowering. — Nick

6/2 – 6/4

For Your Eyes/Ears:

Andrew Haigh is likely best known for his work on HBO’s Looking or as the director of 45 Years, but we shouldn’t let his his current fame overshadow the masterful short films that launched his career. Check out Five Miles Out, which follows a girl on holiday with cousins where she meets a boy on a secret mission. — Reed

BONUS: Check out this essay included with the Criterion Collection edition of Haigh’s gay-romance, Weekend.

Weekend: The Space Between Two People By Dennis Lim




For Your Eyes:

I still miss my trips to Grantland. While Bill Simmons went on to create The Ringer (a great site in its own right), there might never be anything as weird or as wonderful. Here is one of my favorite pieces, and yes, it’s about porn. — Reed

Porntopia: A trip to the Adult Video News Awards by Molly Lambert, Grantland


For Your Ears:

My absolute favorite podcast, U Talkin’ U2 To Me is hosted by Adam Scott and Scott Aukerman, and the two men give themselves a simple task: create the encyclopedic compendium of all things U2. If you listen, you’ll learn all sorts of new things, like the members of the band and how the Scotts feel about Huey Lewis and the News. Needless to say, the podcast derails in the best way. — Nick

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